the agent's list is dead

The Agent's List Is Dead

Back in 2003, I'd just finished shopping one novel and had another one in the works. I was actively looking for more agents to query the second time through... but it was hard. Most agencies still didn't have webpages, so I had to rely on published material that half the time was out of date by the time I bought it or web listings that were... well, even less vetted for scam and bad-practices agents than the published material, and that was saying something. At one point I looked at my hard-won little list of reputable agents who took science fiction and fantasy and thought, "you know, I could save someone a lot of time if I put this online."

So I did, and it did -- for many years. And I'm proud of that.

But now it's 2014. Everyone and their brother has a website and most of the agencies keep theirs up to date (hallelujah). Good agency listing sites like Agent Query are a Google search away. I haven't finished a novel in years, distracted by other writing projects and the ever-encroaching spectre of real life. The Agent's List hasn't been touched since I got pregnant with my daughter (circumstances that are, I assure you, related) and much as I hate to admit it, the chances of me getting the time or energy to update it in the near future are nil.

I thank you all for the years you've used this list, for the nice notes, for the people who've come up to me at cons and told me how useful the list was... it hurts to let it die, it really does, but I'm not doing anyone a service by publishing out-of-date and misleading information.

So adieu. Keep writing. Keep submitting. And keep checking Preditors and Editors and Writers Beware, because bad things shouldn't happen to good writers.