Friday, February 03

Added The Writer's Mary Sue Test to the writing page.
09:54 PM - kat -

Thursday, December 15

Added links to my newest articles, "Who is Mary Sue?" and "What Do You Do With a First Draft Novel?", to the writing page.
04:54 PM - kat -

Sunday, October 23

Added a link to my newest Vision article "Writing Hooks (Not Crooks) to the writing page. Also uploaded my random name generator in the hopes other people would find it useful.
12:13 PM - kat -

Monday, March 15

Added a link to my latest published article, "Brothers and Others", in the writing section, as well as a section reviewing various pieces of writing software.
10:12 AM - kat -

Thursday, January 22

Finally deleted all the links to the defunct guestbook (I hope). A few links added to the comics page.
10:49 PM - kat -

Friday, January 16

Quick edit on the writing page, since I'm doing updates and all, to link to Part II of my artificial intelligence article.
09:43 PM - kat -

For various reasons, the site blogs have been switched from Blogger to Nucleus. This has resulted in some redirects having to be set up, but overall I think it'll be an improvement. This post will also let me know whether BlogWorkz will work with the new system.
03:15 PM - kat -

Monday, November 17

I've been collecting a list of literary agents who will represent science fiction writers for a while now, and have now added this list to the "On Writing" section. Hopefully folks will find it useful.
12:55 PM - kat -

Saturday, November 15

Installed a guestbook - although the thing gets huffy when I try to modify the template, so it's still a little awkward-looking. And I won't know whether it *really* works until someone leaves a message. (Hint, hint.)

Also named the site the same thing my last site was called, for lack of a better name. Points to the person who names the book title that I ripped off to get it.
10:49 PM - kat -

Saturday, November 08

The publishing issues of last night have mysteriously vanished, to be replaced with a password authentication issue which would *appear* to be browser specific, since publishing with Safari gets rid of the problem. Anyway, the blog is up now. Yay!

But I still need to think up a name.
09:54 AM - kat -