Blarg. I hate being ill.

I hate even more being inexplicably ill. I am running a high fever. There are no other symptoms, nothing to suggest *why* I'm running a fever, but nevertheless I am running enough of a fever to make things like, say, standing up, or going up the stairs, a great deal more arduous than might be expected.

It's better than yesterday anyway, when I couldn't use the computer because it gave me hellish headaches and I was essentially limited to laying on the couch marathon-watching the new Battlestar Galactica and letting Dan wait on me hand and foot. ("Don't get too used to this," he says periodically.)

Today the fever broke for a while, with the help of some magic Ibprofen, and I got some laundry folded and the like. It's back up now, but not as high, and I have hopes for tomorrow.

In the meantime this is about the extent of my mental capacity:

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posted at 08:00 PM on 07/30/05 by kat - Category: General - Comments closed because I was getting enough spam to run over my bandwidth limits. Sorry guys!
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We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

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