Curse the Reaper, cowled in black
He's laughing at your failing
Pull that oar until it cracks
We're bound for better sailing
Bound for better sailing...

- Heather Dale, The Greyhound

Yes, we went to see Heather Dale in concert last night. And lo, it was good. If you happen to be into neo-Celtic, I highly, highly recommend that you lay hands upon her newest CD, The Road to Santiago. All of Heather's stuff is good, but this one's her best yet. I am listening to it now and rocking back and forth in my chair with the pure beauty of the thing.

And, hey, she's touring the UK soon. You Brits! Good stuff coming!

In other news, Dan and I officially Can Not Break Up. We've been having all the books - and now the CD - we've bought at events signed to both of us, and the acrimony involved in figuring out who the Preciouses really belong to would be planet-destroying.

After the concert we met up with cristalia and her man, who may or may not have a blog. Much, much good conversation was had, though the best of it got skipped because Dan invoked the "no discussing placenta during dinner" clause on my ass. Apparently normal people find that disgusting. Who knew?

Much kickass Chinese food was also had, though I have mislaid my ability to use chopsticks.

We caught the last subway out of Toronto and staggered home at 3 am, which means, yes, I am just getting up. But it was worth it.

Type-In Revisions: 50 pages (of 385)
Word Count, Original and Current: 118,040 / 119,600
Notes: Not much progress page-wise yesterday, but a lot of new scenage typed in. I am content.

posted at 12:16 PM on 07/28/05 by kat - Category: Events - Comments closed because I was getting enough spam to run over my bandwidth limits. Sorry guys!
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