Dammit, EV Nova is eating my brain again, and I have work to do.

I did pack up Dan's magazines yesterday, two boxes worth. I was allowed to chuck the PC Worlds but had to pack the 5 years' plus change MathNews. Survivors of UWaterloo will know what I'm talking about and be laughing. Still not caught up on email or comments, but I plan to deal with the raspberries and clean up the office today. Who knows? I may even get some packing done.

Oh, and:

Type-In Revisions: 18 pages (of 385)
Word Count, Original and Current: 118,040/118,910
Notes: My word count is growing. I knew it would. And it's going to keep growing for some time.

That's the problem with industry awareness. On the one hand I know it's much harder to market a book that's not in the magical 100K-120K zone. On the other, if I try and jam a book into the magic zone when it doesn't fit, it's going to be crap and thus even harder to market. My current solution to the problem is to angst about it, try to convince myself that all the cuts I make later in the book will even things out, and, finally, to stick my fingers in my ears and do the "la la, I can't hear you!" song. Because really, it's the book that matters.

But getting to sell the book would be so nice.

posted at 10:37 AM on 07/26/05 by kat - Category: Writing - Comments closed because I was getting enough spam to run over my bandwidth limits. Sorry guys!
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Kourtney wrote:

Aren't all the old MathNews archived on their web site (http://www.mathnews.uwaterl...)?
07/26/05 01:40 PM

kat wrote:

I told Dan. It doesn't appear to make a difference.

I don't mind really; it was only half a box's worth. But it has caused some bewildered head-shaking.
07/28/05 12:27 PM

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