Let's see:

Ten pints of raspberries in the fridge that need Dealing With (there were twelve, but I also have a Dan.)

Fifteen pages left on the Damned Book Revision before I can start typing stuff in.

At least three unresponded-to comments, probably more.

Eight days before I must be packed and out of this room. Eleven days before I leave the country.

Three parties and three events I plan on attending in that time.

And only twenty-four hours in every day.

... see? See? This is why I don't like counting things.

Revision Progress: 370 pages (of 385) (so close!)
Changes: Line edits, some wonky transitions fixed. This last half of the book has moved like treacle revision-wise, which is odd, because it's been much easier and less thought-requiring than the early bits. Perhaps that's why it's moving like treacle. Or perhaps my subconcious is just going "bored now".

(I've heard it said that writing is letting loose your inner child onto the paper. This is largely true. Ever tried to make a kid do the dishes?)

Up Next: We're past the plot peak now and into the backwash. Also, I have a few hours of bus ride coming up. I will get these fifteen damned pages done this weekend or die trying.

posted at 09:25 AM on 07/23/05 by kat - Category: Writing - Comments closed because I was getting enough spam to run over my bandwidth limits. Sorry guys!
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Tim wrote:

See me before you go!
07/23/05 10:12 AM

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