My Toronto Trek schedule is as follows:

Friday, 8 pm
We Don't Need No Stinking Elves!
Location: Mississauga B
Program Description: Elves, Dwarves, and other Nordic and Celtic creatures have long been staples of the fantasy genre, typified by the Lord of the Rings. But the Lord of the Rings was published in the 1950s, and authors such as Michael Moorcock, David Gemmell, Tad Williams, and George R.R. Martin have gone far afield of Middle-earth. A team of panelists discusses the merits of the old archetypes, and how fantasy can move beyond them while retaining its appeal.
Panelists: Dan Zlotnikov, Kat Feete, Leah Bobet, Wayne Borean

Saturday, 11 am
SF: Recommended Reading
Location: Mississauga A
Program Description: Space Opera, Hard SF, Military, Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Tomorrow fiction, Fantasy, etc.... Come hear what's good and new (or, at least, new to you) in SF books.
Panelists: Leah Bobet, Kat Feete, Scott Tilson, Paul Kuypers

Saturday, 5 pm
SF vs. Shakespeare
Location: Hamilton
Program Description: Is science fiction literature? How does it stack up to the classics in "real" writing?
Panelists: Arlene Marks, Debby Ruh, Robert B. Marks, Peter Halasz, Kat Feete

Sunday noon
Got a "Bug" in Your "Eye"?
LocationMississauga A
Program Description: Surveillance has become ultra-hip as depicted in TV, and is now everywhere. Many of the most visible signs we are being watched in everyday life are mostly ignored by the masses. Do you look up and smile at the cameras in your local store, or just pass them by as a part of life? There are movements in the world of surveillance for "sousveillance" and the right for an individual to be able to "watch the watchers." From the Vatican to the local GAP, we will discuss infiltration techniques and figure out who is watching whom?
Panelists: David G. Stephenson (M), Karl Schroeder, Dan Zlotnikov, Kat Feete, Lorne Kates

If you're going to be at TT, and any of the panels interest you, feel free to stop by. I'm gonna feel awfully stupid talking to that empty room otherwise.

(Dammit, I am so not prepared for that surveillance panel. Time to raid the BoingBoing archives or something.)

Revision Progress: 341 pages (of 385)
Changes: Blocked out an interview with the alien ambassador to replace the trashed news scene, then made it most of the way through the And Here We Explain Nine-Tenths of the Mystery in One Long Multi-Person Conversation scene. It isn't nearly as crap as I remember it being. Joey still reads like a over-caffinated monkey on crack, but this seems somehow to work.
Up Next: Finish the Long Multi-Person Conversation scene and hope it continues to not be crap.

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