For somebody who's unemployed, I sure do seem to be busy these days.

Friday I went on a strawberry raid with halfwitted and Dan. Originally I think the plan was for me to drive halfwitted around in the country until we found a stand to rob, but Dan pointed out that it was much cheaper to do pick-your-own, and I backed him up on the basis that it would be more fun and I was itching to do something productive with my hands. Halfwitted was underwhelmed by the idea but eventually agreed.

The end result was a 9 am excursion of Dan (testy), halfwitted (groggy), and me (chipper. I like mornings. The other two hated me) to the country, where we picked 21 litres of strawberries and bought a further 9. I then ran around getting everyone to their shopping-and-work related destinations (I am She With Wheels) and spent the rest of the afternoon making or attempting to make strawberry ice cream. They weren't kidding about needing to refreeze the cartridge between batches. Who knew?

Then it was roleplaying until Too Late At Night and up early the next morning for another, more successful, attempt at ice cream, and a far less successful attempt at catching the bus to Toronto. Good thing I have a car. I survived the waking nightmare that is the 401 and made it to Elizabeth Bear's signing at Bakka on time and only somewhat shellshocked. The signing was great; Bear (aka matociquala) was very funny and very nice, and I spent far too much time talking shop with her and cristalia and Sarah, where talking shop is defined as "saying things which come into my head, some of which have something to do with writing." It was the first time I'd talked writing with people who didn't glaze over after the first fifteen minutes or so. I babbled. A lot. No one seemed to mind, so perhaps it wasn't as much as it felt.

Then home again (late) to dress and get to halfwitted's party, which was strawberry-full and very, very fun. I got to see people I haven't seen since last year, which was good, and I drank a lot of strawberry daquiris and talked to a lot of people and generally had a grand time until I passed out quietly on the couch at around 2 am.

Now I'm drifting around the house feeling the effects, and my body is reminding me what I forgot to do in those hectic few days. Namely, eat. Aside from a lamb chop at the party, a hastily-gulped sandwich in Toronto, and an unquantifiable number of strawberries, there hasn't been much food in my life of late. Which may explain the driftiness.

And tomorrow we're going to Toronto again for another signing and a play, and next weekend is Toronto Trek. Dear. God.


Revision Progress: 321 pages (of 385)
Changes: Added a bit of conversation that makes Joey's commander look less like an idiot and more like someone backed into a corner. Made several similar adjustments; clarifying people's motives seems to be the bit I forgot in this section.
Up Next: More of the same, but I won't get to it today. Or tomorrow. Damn you, social life.

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