Monday, August 04


... February?!

Okay, I was sure I'd posted more recently than that. Sorry, y'all. The past few months have been... involved.

One of the reasons I haven't posted since February is this. Yes, I'm insane, but this one kinda blindsided me. I guess I should have realized that the incredibly long bout of writer's block would have repercussions; my hindbrain simply can't go without story for long, and given that it wasn't moving forward on the novel, it apparently decided to go sideways. Oh, well, it's new insanity anyhow.

Not that I've actually had time to gnaw my way through the writer's block anyhow. The good, the bad, and the ugly, in non-chronological order:

- Filed self-employment taxes for the first time. Goodbye, thirty percent of Dan's writing income! It was nice knowing you.

- Went to Scotland. Hello, semi-permanent state of drunkeness! You were fun, and much cheaper than you would have been in North America. Pity everything else was more expensive and I had to deal with airplanes to get there. (Oh, and the wedding was pretty cool too. Pictures! ... someday.)

- Took over the assistant cheesemaker's duties while simultaneously attempting to keep up with my own. This does not work nearly as well as one would hope. On the other hand, I do get to collect paychecks for those 50-hour weeks, and my parents are desperate enough to resort to bribes -- er, I mean a raise. No, wait, actually I mean bribes.

- Holy crap, when did I develop a social life? And why did no one ever mention that those things eat your time?

- Dealt with my brother's girlfriend's crap. This was a lot of the problem, actually; it's hard to post when your policy of not saying anything online that you wouldn't say to someone's face means you can't talk about something that's stressing you day in, day out, in a thousand little ways, none of which you can actually address because a) you must deal with this person at work and not create any more stress for the other employees, and b) she'll only take it out on your brother anyway. Ah, family businesses. I can talk about it now, though, seeing as she interviewed for a job behind our backs, quit without bothering with any of that silly "two weeks notice" crap, and spent the one week she did work explaining to my brother and all the other employees how all of this was completely justified because we were impossible to get along with. Just like every other employer, friend, or boyfriend she's ever had.

*sigh* God save me from sociopathic suburban oil trash. And I can say this online because, hey. I don't have to get along with her any more. And I would say every word of it to her face.

- Spent more time in the car than is really advisable for any human being. Darn you, social life, if I had to get you, why couldn't I have gotten the compact version?

- Helped organize the American Raw Milk Presidium Evaluation. This basically involved grabbing my mother and holding on until she stopped running circles and started talking sense, although I did write the evaluation sheet, develop the tasting procedure, and handle most of the logistics of getting evaluations back to people afterwards. Oh, and wrote press releases for it. God, I hate writing press releases.

- Won a major award from the American Cheese Society: first place in Farmstead Cheese, and second for Best of Show. Well, not me personally. Our cheese. But our cheese did not have to write a press release (ARGH!) and send it out to a bazillion places and revamp the website and deal with new distributors and do all kinds of other crazy publicity shit, so I maintain a certain fingerhold on the prize.

However, seriously; this rocked.

- Threw a picnic for the local Slow Food chapter. That was pretty fun, actually, and not a lot of work, except for the mad cooking and cleaning frenzy at the farm. But it says something about your workload when organizing and providing meal and entertainment for fifteen people barely makes a ripple in your schedule.

- Survived.

And now somehow it's August, and I'm putting out a webcomic, and I have a friend coming end of the week and another next week and Dan's parents at the same time or maybe a bit after and one of our vendors visiting and a party the week after that and two presentations to write because my mother is sending me to San Francisco at the end of the month. Did I mention bribery? Bribery is cool. Do I know anyone in San Francisco? Does one still have friends after not posting for six months? is still August, right?

I think 2008 will officially go down for me as the year of The Blur.

Kinda cool Blur, though. And I will at least try to keep people more updated on which direction I'm falling apart in from now on.

10:06 PM - kat -

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