Book Neepery

13 January, 2015

I have been reading more books this winter, for various reasons, but at the moment I'm mostly blaming my friend Laura Anne, and my mother. Laura Anne had (for various complicated reasons) ended up with a large box of books from our World Fantasy 2012 swag bags* which had, for various also complicated reasons, been unclaimed until recently, when she declared she was moving to Seattle and thus we would be getting a large box of books forthwith. My mother had a birthday, which meant a birthday party, which meant me cleaning my filthy pigsty of a house. Getting the large box of books properly shelved was low on the priority list (as well as requiring a substantial amount of time and -- given the amount of space on my shelves -- possibly a chisel), so they were dumped in the bedroom.

This means I have been walking past an open box of unread books every night on my way to bed.

Thus, I've been reading a lot lately.

One of my most recent grabs resulted in some brain overflow, which my husband has so far resisted hearing, so you're getting it. "Too much overthinking of book flaws" warning ahead....

Meet the New Blog...

01 January, 2015

So a month or two ago I visited this site -- something I don't do often, as it inspires the same emotional mix as seeing the pile of molding, half-ruined boxes in our basement still packed from our move in 2010: guilt, shame, and an unreasoning terror of actually opening the boxes and seeing what a mess my laziness has made of the contents. The difference is, I don't have to go to the website to do my laundry.

But on this visit the site wasn't just shameful: it was blank. It seems the CMS I'd installed lo, those many moons ago had been silently sunset. It was the equivalent of the boxes breaking and spilling their contents out over the floor. I could no longer pretend the mess didn't exist. And, of course, in the process of sweeping up, I found all kinds of things, some best forgotten, some that left me wondering why I'd left them packed away so long.

The bottom line:

  • The old blog has been rescued, and can be accessed here, for those who remember old posts fondly.
  • The Mary Sue Test, which to my mild bemusement remains very popular, has been slightly updated and tweaked, and I've added some explanation of why I chose the questions I did back, er, ten years ago, when I took a wild hare to write the thing.
  • The rest of the site has been streamlined. Certain things have been dropped, in particular the shamefully out-of-date agent page; it was a great resource and I'll miss it, but it was time to admit I was never going to have the time to keep it up as it should be. What remains has received a facelift, making it look a bit less like something I tossed together in 2003.
  • In the process I remembered that I rather like things like blogging, so I've installed this blog, on a more robust (read: "even if it breaks I can probably fix it myself") platform, and will probably try and update it more frequently. You know, at least once a year.

Happy New Year, all. Enjoy the new-ish site, let me know if there's any problems, and I'll try to be around at least a little more.